Raw Materials

Redpoint Ropes produces lines from only 1st class textiles. Below is a list of yarns that Redpoint uses.


Redpoint Ropes uses “1W70 High Tenacity Polyester Yarn” from Performance Fibers. This yarn has an excellent strength-to-weight radio and has a good UV tolerance as well as great abrasion resistance. Polyester is not only a great material but it is also one of the most cost effective yarns on the market, making it very popular in almost all rope production.
For more information please download the fiber guide here.


Redpoint Ropes uses “Nylon 6” from Firestone-Textiles. This yarn has an excellent strength-to- weight radio and has a good UV tolerance. The fiber comes is a variety of vibrant colours. This material is ideal for producing rope that requires “good stretch” characteristics.
For more information please download the fiber guide here.

MFP (multifilament polypropylene)

MFP is a unique fiber that is light weight, water resistant, with good strength and low stretch qualities. This material is ideal for producing lines that float on water and are very light. The only disadvantage is that the material has poor abrasion resistance and can only be UV stabilized for approximately 1000 hours.

Spun Polyester

When Spun Polyester is constructed into a rope this material gives the rope a feel of cotton but with the performance of polyester. The material has good abrasion resistance and handles well when wet. Spun Polyester is an ideal material for use in marine applications.


Redpoint Ropes uses Dyneema SK-60, SK-75 and SK-90 in the production of some high performance lines. Dyneema is a type of HMPE(High-modulus polyethylene)  fiber. This material is extremely strong with very little stretch. The strength of this fiber is 10 times that of steel on a weight –for-weight basis. Dyneema is the ideal material for use in lines that require a great deal of strength but still need to be lightweight and low stretch.
For more information visit the Dyneema site here.


Vectran LCPF(Liquid Crystal Polymer Fiber), produced by Kuraray Co., Ltd. Is an excellent fiber for use in ropes that require a very low creep characteristics. Lines containing Vectran will be less likely to stretch over time as compared to some other synthetic lines. Vectran can be used in whole or added to other fibers.
For more information click here.


One of the strongest fibers on the market! Zylon PBO (p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole)  is a high performance fiber developed by TOYOBO. This yarn is lightweight but high in strength and is an ideal material to use in lines designed for static use. The material also can withstand great flame resistance and has a heat resistance of up to 650C/1200F. Zylon’s only drawback is that it has poor UV resistance and must be kept in the dark to prolong its life span.
For more information on this material download the product guide here.

News & Upcoming Events


Redpoint Ropes will once again be attending the Toronto international Boat Show 2017. We will be located in booth G-450.

We will be selling our premium handmade dock and anchor lines. As well, we will be launching some new colours available on our rigging lines. Customers who take advantage of this show will be saving 10-50% off their purchases.

Note: We will also have running rigging products available. However, due to our limited booth size we can only bring the most popular items to the show. If you are looking to rig your sail boat for the 2017 season please have a list of sizes and lengths you require when you come to our booth. If you purchase your rigging at the show you will be able to take advantage of the boat show specials.

Toronto International Boat Show