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Cat 1


High quality standard rigging line for the average sailing enthusiast. Lines in this section are best suited for average day to day sailing.

Cat 1

Club Racer

Lines for the average sailor looking to get better performance. Lines in this section are designed for the average sailor looking to get into racing their sail boat.

Cat 1

Pro Racer

The highest performance lines! The lines in this section are designed to withstand the harshest demands of any pro racers.

Cat 1


Cords and lines for every day boating needs.


Cat 1


Cords and lines for Arborists

Cat 1


Cords and lines for Construction and Industrial Applications

Cat 1


Cords and lines for the Film Industry

News & Upcoming Events


Redpoint Ropes will once again be attending the Toronto international Boat Show 2017. We will be located in booth G-450.

We will be selling our premium handmade dock and anchor lines. As well, we will be launching some new colours available on our rigging lines. Customers who take advantage of this show will be saving 10-50% off their purchases.

Note: We will also have running rigging products available. However, due to our limited booth size we can only bring the most popular items to the show. If you are looking to rig your sail boat for the 2017 season please have a list of sizes and lengths you require when you come to our booth. If you purchase your rigging at the show you will be able to take advantage of the boat show specials.

Toronto International Boat Show